My Experience

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Author : Prerna Jain

All of us must realize the importance of the  natural ecosystem for our own survival. It is possible if indiscriminate destruction of natural environment is put to an immediate end…..

The FUTURE belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams……


“In our time, thanks to the talent and industry of those from the Rhine, books have emerged in lavish numbers. A book that once would’ve belonged only to the rich — nay, to a king

— can now be seen under a modest roof ….

There is nothing nowadays that our children … fail to know.”

…. It is my experience that both science and religion have their roles to play in one’s life. While science has helped me to think and reason rationally, religion has carried me beyond the realm of thought and reasoning ….

Many inventions have taken several centuries to develop into their modern forms.

Each invention may be just one

small step on the

road to

the ultimate goal…..

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The Engines  of  Our   Ingenuity  –

An Engineer   Looks  at Technology and Culture

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