Everyone Hails, ‘Long Nails’ !

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Author : Prerna Jain

This articles highlights unhygienic conditions and unhealthy issues on letting one’s nails grow too long.

I have seen all genres of movies. Horror, Romantic, Comedy, Art , Entertainment, Action…. to name a few kinds.

I believe (and, probably, you, too, would agree) that long nails, pointy teeth, long un-tucked (not proprerly combed)  hair symbolise a Dracula or a Witch (Evil or Satan).

But today, “its” a “common” thing. Unbelievable ? Believe it !

Daily, I witness innumerable girls that have long sharp nails, and sometimes, I get to see fusion, abstract nail-paints & nail-styles on too (which may be artistic, attractive and fashionable according to them).

I’d like to pose a question to these gals !

I hope you gals are aware of the fact that “all men want one thing only“. Then who the friggin heck cares for your “long sharp nails”.

Plus, Eeeww, they are so unhygienic for oneself, and, disgusting to look at too.

Say, If any such gal shakes her hand with me, and by mistake, my angle goes wrong,then, I know that I will definitely get a scratch. I need not wonder.

Sigh !!

I hope , you gals do realise that you are inviting health issues for your ownself when you eat from the very same fingers that have “long nails” and are open invitation for accumulation of germs.

Even, long hair, that women often keep untucked or unclipped, offer home to homeless lice. And, as already said, symbolise a “witch” with a missing flying-broom.

Lols !!

Now Dig that !!

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