Tutorial: Motorised Ipod Tray

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Courtesy : AudiWorld

This article teaches how to motorise an iPod tray via servo motors.

Once removed from the dash, the compartment was disassembled into the box, door front, and door back. The back of the door was discarded and replaced with the front panel PCB. I decided to re-use the latch button to retain a factory appearance.


This servo is designed for use in model aircraft to raise and lower the landing gear. It travels 180 degrees, has lots of torque, and it’s nice and small. No, it’s not terribly heavy, but there is some friction to overcome, plus the arm has a large radius of about 1.5″ to provide the needed 3″ of travel. RC servos typically aren’t that powerful and are usually used with shorter servo arms.

Full article at : Audio World

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