Biodiesel : Myths and Facts

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This article demystifies facts and myths about biodiesel and provides us a clear image of present scenario.

Figure: Biodiesel releases only the CO2 that was absorbed by the plants as they were growing and making oil

What is Biodiesel?

Few facts you most probably know already, but never the less to mention:

  1. A clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources such as plant oils, animal fats, used cooking oil and even new sources such as algae.
  2. Contains no petroleum, but it can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend.
  3. Biodiesel blends can be used in compression-ignition (diesel) engines with little or no modifications.
  4. Simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.
  5. Biodiesel is not raw vegetable oil.
  6. Fuel-grade biodiesel must be produced to strict industry specifications (ASTM D6751) in order to ensure proper performance.
  7. Biodiesel is also not the same as ethanol. Ethanol is a renewable biofuel made primarily from corn and intended for use in gasoline-powered engines, while biodiesel is a renewable biofuel made from a variety of materials and designed for use in diesel engines, with different properties and benefits.

Full article at : EEP

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