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Author : Prerna Jain

This article provides career guidance.

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others ?

The answer is : they chose the right career.

In today’s dynamic and competitive world, economical and political scenario is radically changing . World is becoming a global village and almost all countries are developing radically an economic front .

JOURNALISM recruits people who want to be the best – – who really work with passion  – – who are committed to Excellence . ELECTRONIC MEDIA is a team business…and if you are one of those pushy persons or the one who does not work well with people…then you need to buck up ! Economic Journalism has become critical. Business Journalism has become huge…and this all  involves INTERACTION.

Started a way back in 1997, NDTV is the second largest news network and amongst the top 10 news sites. Mr. I. P. BAJPAI, Advisor, NDTV, addressed the students of 11th grade to assess their interests, personality, values and skills, and helped them explore journalism as a career option. The counseling session brought out the eminent fact of learning to priorities your work and building up passion for journalism that calls for so mush physical and mental strength.

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