Monkey: The Couch Guardian



When your cats and dogs jump on your furniture and they shed their fur, and this fur ends up on your clothes. To stop them or to prevent this, learn how to make one of those old-fashioned cymbal-banging toy monkeys, modified with an inexpensive Arduino microcontroller and a proximity sensor.

Now when a pet jumps on a table, couch, or bed, this Couch Guardian will make lots of noise, encouraging the pet to seek a quieter resting place.

The video shows how to make a simple PIR (passive infrared) sensor circuit to be attached to a battery-powered, cymbal-banging monkey.

You can use anything you like for an enclosure for the circuit (say, a cigar box).


The Arduino is an open-source microcontroller that you can use to control everything from home heating systems to robots!

Watch Video


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