Why I Write

In words of  Cristian Mihai :

I write because I want, maybe even by accident, to write something beautiful.

I write because I want to find out who I am.

I write because there’s nothing else I’d rather do.

I write because I feel that sometimes only words can change the world.

I’ve been writing for little over 7 years now. To be honest, when I first started writing I thought there was nothing complicated about writing. You only need imagination, I thought. Of course, I was 16. But even then, when I thought writing was going to be an easy way to make money, I wanted to say something. I genuinely felt that I had something to say. I only needed to acquire the tools.

I’ve always wanted to inspire in people what my favorite books have inspired in me. And I was relentless in this pursuit. I also realized that there was a lot more to writing than I had first thought. It wasn’t a get rich quick scheme, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t all about imagination. Hell, it wasn’t even all about words. 

10 thoughts on “Why I Write

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  3. Writing is really a great way to express oneself and no wonder many illustrious and noble people who later emerged as great persons have used this tool to bring about revolutionary changes in the society.

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