My Secret Life on the McJob

My Secret Life on the McJob: Lessons from Behind the Counter Guaranteed to Supersize Any Management Style

A Book By Jerry Newman

Once upon a time, a Ph.D. went to work at Mickey D’s…

And what he found was illuminating. Jerry Newman, a college professor who has taught business courses for nearly 30 years, went undercover as a bottom-rung worker for the biggest names in fast food, including McDonald’s and Burger King. Newman found that fast-food chains were the perfect petri dishes for covert research: High-pressure, high-volume businesses with high-employee turnover. The pecking order was also crystal clear, from fry cook all the way up to store manager.

Of the seven restaurants where Newman worked, some were high-morale, high-productivity machines. Others were miserable, misplaced circles of hell. Yet one common trait stuck out from them all: Each restaurant’s respective manager determined the climate of the work environment.

Go behind the fast food counter with Newman and see what happens on an average day on the “McJob”…

  • how the restaurants are run (for better or worse)
  • how managers reward good employees when raises are impossible (believe it or not, bosses give ’em more hours-and it works!)
  • how morale and motivation spring directly from the manager’s office
  • and how a few simple adjustments to your own management style – the “Supersized Management Principles” in this book-can transform and invigorate your workplace

    Content :

Chapter 1: Would You Like Fries With That?

Chapter 2 Rules of the Fry Spy Game

Chapter 3: McJob isn’t McEasy

Chapter 4: Hire Me Please ? Will Work for Whoppers

Chapter 5: Wendy’s Wages

Chapter 6: Sandwich Assembly 101

Chapter 7: The Great Cheese Wars & Other Tales From Behind the Counter

Chapter 8: Lap Dancing and the Double D’s

Chapter 9: I Quit, You’re Fired

Chapter 10: Management Lessons From Fast Food

Chapter 11: Life Lessons From Fast Food

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