The Nuts and Bolts of CRM


A Book By Dhruv Nath

Business today is increasingly looking towards CRM, to address the problem of identifying and managing their most profitable customers and serving them better. And in today’s complex world of business, IT-based tools and technologies are at the heart of any CRM implementation.

However, before implementing CRM technologies, several critical questions need to be answered.

For instance:

  • How do Data Warehousing and Data Mining work? And how do we use them to improve relations with our customers?
  • How does Sales Force Automation work? And how do we successfully implement it?
  • How does a Call Centre work? And what are the issues we need to keep in mind when engaging a Call Centre?

Table of Content Of The Book :

Part I: Operational CRM

1. A Whale of a Time

2. Good Morning. May I Help You? – The Call Centre

3. Capturing the Customer ? The Database

4. Tele-Marketing and the Outbound Call Centre

5. Managing Campaigns : Enterprise Marketing Automation

6. The Power of Sales Force Automation

7. Enter the Internet : eCRM

Part II: Analytical CRM

8. The Big Picture : Analytical CRM

9. The Taste of History : The Data Warehouse

10. More About Data Warehousing

11. So Many Databases : One Data Warehouse

12. Data Cubes and OLAP

13. Life Beyond OLAP : Data Mining

14. How Data Mining Works

Part III: Putting It All Together

15. The Integration Story

16. Making it Work : Implementing CRM Systems

17. What’s on the Menu

18. And This is What We Have Learnt

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