How important is soldering?

Say it with me – ‘Yes, I really can solder that’! Yes, you really can solder that and anything else. This article includes basics of soldering. What’s soldering flux? Find out the rules for good soldering.

Among the foremost of reasons an electronic project frequently fails to work properly is due to “poor” soldering practices.

Let’s discuss the correct procedures for soldering electronic projects.

Dry joints when soldering

At first glance many solder joints appear to be quite “O.K.” but on closer examination many are in fact defective. The insidious problem with dry joints in soldering is that the circuit frequently performs alright for a period of time, even years before failure.

This problem even occurs with manufactured equipment. Ask any TV / Video repair technician who has torn a lot of hair out over an elusive fault ultimately traced back to a dry joint.

Good soldering practices for your electronic project

The cause of dry joints in soldering is mostly the improper application of heat. Both the component leg and the PCB need to be both heated simultaneously to the correct temperature to allow the solder to flow freely between BOTH surfaces. Obviously this requires practice and most newcomers inevitably get it wrong.

Improper heating while soldering and its consequences can be seen below.

Figure 1 - correct soldering procedures to avoid dry joints

Figure  – correct soldering procedures to avoid dry joints

Full Article : Electronics-Tutorials

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