My Life As A Tinkerer

sweet top  Technical Articles

smurf iconElectricityThe Spiritual Rebirth Of The Flip-Flop!!  

Learn Flip -Flop Conversion via this article.

iconElectricity Top Embedded Companies

This article enlists top 30 embedded companies (in India  and all over the World).

iconElectricity EFY Plus DVD    

Take Feature Tour of  EDA and engineering tools via monthly issue of EFY DVD.

 iconElectricityHow To Control A Mouse Via TV Remote ??

Learn how to control your PC via TV Remote. The circuit is based on 8051 microcontroller and is coded in Visual Basic. Find out the two modes of operation.

iconElectricityHarry Potter And The ‘Ionisation Chamber’ !!

Find out how to construct an ionisation chamber. Also learn how a PicAXE-08M microprocessor can measure the voltage drift rate of an ionisation chamber.

iconElectricity ‘Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold’ 

Do you have an incessant channel hopper that is driving you crazy? Teach him a lesson with ‘TV Remote Control Jammer’ circuit.

iconElectricity Lord Of The ‘Showers’! 

Do certain members of your family enjoy long, warm showers, especially when you are in its utmost need? Its high time for your revenge! Sneak peek into this ‘sadistic circuit’ that cuts off the hot water in showers (bathrooms).

iconElectricityTeenage Romance: Like forces repel and unlike forces attract

This article explains electron theory and atoms. Find out why like forces repel and unlike forces attract each other.

iconElectricitySensors: I Know What You Did in Last Measurement!

Lets see how a sensor/detector measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer, or, by an electronic instrument.

iconElectricityHappy Birthday ‘Semiconductors’

It has been a century (100 years) since the discovery of Superconductors. Read this article to know milestones achieved up till today.

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