Welcome 2013 with Sai Sandhya on 1st January, 6PM at FICCI Auditorium

Om Sai Ram!!

CMAI invites you to welcome 2013 with Sai Sandhya in a blissful atmosphere from Padmashree Peenaz Masani singer on 1st January, 6PM at FICCI Auditorium and also join for Sai Bhandara at 8PM. All are welcome!! Participation is gracefully requested with your friends and relatives and is absolutely without any charges. Welcoming a New Year with divine blessings from His Holiness, Shri Sai Baba is the best one can ever think of.

This is a rare occasion where Chief Executives, Directors, Heads and members of entire telecom, IT fraternity will assemble together with their families, exchange greetings for New Year in a blissful atmosphere.

All devotees will be distributed bhabuti / udi from Shirdi , Agarbatti packets from Hari Darshan , A4 size 3D Sai Baba Photo. All devotees will be requested to join SaiBhandara. Sai Sandhya Invitation Card They have been receiving requests seeking SEVA/sponsorship possibilities for Sai Sandhya. They feel SAI belongs to all and each one has right to perform SEVA, as they may feel. All are welcome to do SEVA/sponsorship as they may like.

CMAI would like to clarify that your and friends participation is must without any SEVA OR SPONSORSHIP.

CMAI Association of India has been organizing ” Sai Sandhya ” on the eve of New Year for the last five consecutive years. The programs have received active support and participation of people from all walks of life including cabinet ministers, bureaucrats, govt. officials, corporate houses and individuals. The event is supported by various telecom & IT associations.

Please confirm your participation on 9654 894 854 (Pooja) or email  on cmainkgoyals@yahoo.com

Wishing you a very happy New Year 2013!!


Mr. N K Goyal n k goyal cmai
President CMAI Association of India,
Member Governing Council, Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council,
Govt. of India,
Director NFL National Fertilizers Ltd,
Govt. of India,
Chairman India Trade Promotion Services, Dubai UAE,
Chairman Emeritus TEMA,      
Contact: (+91) 98 111 29879
Reach Him At: nkgoyals@nkgoyals.com

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