The Looser Boyfriend


looser boyfriend women relationships break up

A boyfriend is a regular male companion in a romantic and or sexual relationship, although normally not in long-term committed (e.g. marital) relationships, where other titles (e.g. husband, partner) are more commonly used.Ever wondered if the boyfriend paid for many of the dates in the beginning of the relationship, but doesn’t bother at all with dinner/drink costs after a few months?

How much time should a boyfriend set aside for his girlfriend each week, and what action constitutes feeling blown off for male friends?

Each one of these questions comes down to one thing:  whether or not you are willing to tolerate it. If you are, fine. If not, NEXT.

Boys should compliment their girlfriends under two conditions: When it is obvious the girl in question needs some self esteem (a whispered “you’re amazing”, etc.) and when the boy really does mean it. Compliments shouldn’t be generic or lame, but heartfelt and sincere.


If the guy asks a girl to go out and get a drink, whether on the third date, or 5 months into a relationship, he should pay.

All the girls need to understand about “boy time”. Guys really need to just go out and refuel on the testosterone, it’s good for them. However, if there is a significant inbalance of “boy time” and “girlfriend time”, there will be problems and the issue needs to be addressed.

There is a fine line between feeling rejected and being demanding, however your concerns are valid.

Sadly guys get a little to comfortable in their relationships and take the woman they once worshiped for granted.

A guy should compliment you every day, just like they did at the start of your relationship. going dutch on a date isn’t bad but the boyfriend should offer to pay always, that’s respect-full. Everyone needs a little space from time to time to be with their friends, but a romantic relationship deserves priority.

Sometimes, a girl just doesn’t want to face the reality that the “stud” she is seeing is a loser with a capital “L”, and makes every excuse for him she can out of denial. If denial isn’t present, there is always the belief that the boyfriend will change, or that you can change him into the man you want him to be. Sadly, I hate to say it ladies, but rarely does a man change, and if he does, it is because he wants to change and it has nothing to do with you..


When a man (or anyone for that matter) exhibits attitudes and behaviours that are characteristically them over a period of time, then that is their personality-and why would you want to alter who a person is?

 Isn’t it easier to find someone who can love you the way you need and the way you want, and that is compatible with you on all levels? 

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