Indian SMBs can do more with less

indian smbs do morw ith less productivity operatiuonal cost reduce enhance

In December of year 2012, PC Quest conducted its popular SMB Forum series of events across major cities of India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai. The event focused around technologies that can help Indian SMBs to do more with less, i.e. how to  “Do More”,  improve productivity, enhance customer service,  “With Less”, reduce operational costs.

Hence  Mr. N K Goyal, President CMAI Association of India and I were invited by PCQuest  as  Keynote Speakers to The Park Hotel, Delhi (India) on December 14, 2012 .

PCQuest Speaker: Anil Chopra, PCQuest

PCQuest Moderator: Binesh Kutty, Online Editor, PCQuest

Key Takeaways: Mr. Goyal took a different angle on “doing more with less”. He spoke about spirituality, and how it can help in coping with daily pressures of targets, and productivity. The audience were mesmerized with his talk on stress management. Mr. Goyal’s colleague,Prerna Jain, AGM – Development, CMAI Association of India and a blogger of International repute assisted him in the keynote speech and spoke about the importance of social media, DropBox  in marketing, customer care, etc for products and services.

Press Release / Coverage :

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