Raping Your Own Dignity and Soul…

Be it be any office , school or college , remember that the existing hoi polloi of that institution or organisation  is there to bitch about you no matter how good you are (and you deserve it if you are bad :-p lols).  Dont be discouraged and let these petty things demotivate you. Take it in your stride. This multitude is a typical embodiment of  INDIAN FROGS who do not jump out of a water-well THEMSELVES and restrict others  to climb up too. Don’t let this bother you. Plus, make sure that you don’t become a INCHARGE of that gossip group.

For years there has been talk of ‘men keeping women down,’ but is it the bitter truth that women remain their own worst enemies.   ”A woman’s enemy is another woman”.  Women are more into counting someone else’s blessings and sorrows rather than counting that of  their own lives. Also, their  focus is not on their own businesses. They keep meddling in issues that do not concern them. They interfere in matters of others, viz, keep tracks of all the events and the happenings taking place in their neighbours’ lives.  Hence end up making themselves unhappy,  jealous and insecure.

Don’t forget , you can’t be truly rude until you understand good manners. If out of insecurity and anxiety, you underestimate people around you and take a egoistic ride , you will never be able to top the ladder of success in your personal or professional life.

Lets stop to introspect ourselves for a while rather than retrospecting. Why are you insecure? Don’t you have  faith in yourselves or in your GODs or are you over confident?

Remember ladies : You’ll never be happy until you can accept imperfection in yourself and others.


Bottom line:  Be “Enviable”…. Don’t be “Envious” !!!


In the end, if you do not wish to reform and are still willing to keep records and logs of what is happening in life of people around you, a message for you : “Sympathy” can be gained from anyone … but “Jealousy” is earned !!!!

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