Membership In School/ College Committees And Other Activities


  • Coordinator in Hindi Club (SRIJAN), Science Club (TECHNICA), Environment Club (TARUMITRA),        Computer Club (ABACUS), English Club (XELS)
  • Was in Student Council Body as PREFECT for 2 consecutive years
  • Member of Reunion committee DOXA (formerly XOBAD)
  • Joined NSD theatre workshop, Delhi and visited Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai
  • Participated in Debate and Symposium held at MDU, ROHTAK
  • Participated in Inter-class PERSONALITY CONTEST September 2006
  • Participant in Symposium at Youth Zonal Fest at MDU, ROHTAK 2009
  •  Educational Tours and Expeditions: Camp Organised By IDISCOVERI (YMCA) to Chamba for Rock Climbing with Gerry Martin, TV Host, National Geographic

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