Milestones/Clients/ Success Stories

Worked For :

  1. CMAI / TEMA  – Youth Relationship Affairs Club: 5503 Likes/Followers within 28 days at Facebook  Fan Page/Community
  2. CMAI / TEMA – Youth Relationship Affairs Club: Official Blog with 2012 Followers/Subscribers within 60 days
  3. CMAI / TEMA –  Gathered 50+ Interns !!
  4. Increased Traffic To EFY Job Portal via Blogging, etc – with 500+ applicants for a single job opening/vacancy !!
  5. Increased Traffic To EFY’s Electronics Design Community at Facebook
  6. Published 1850+ articles for EFY’s Online Portal
  7. BICARD Training Institute/ TCIL, Pune – Embedded Systems And

Highlights As A Ghostwriter:

  1. Articles published in Connect-World, BizTechReport, Communications Today (ADI Media), Telecom Lead, Infotech Lead, Greentech Lead, Lead India Group, India Infrastructure/ etc
  2. PPT on India- Scope for a Consumer Electronic Show (CES) presented in International CES by CEA, Las Vegas
  3. PPT on Effect Of Technology on Life in City presented in 2Plus City Forum, Paris

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