Launch Of NWRLive


Online media company Niti Digital has launched NiTi Web RadioNWR Live that brings to you views, news and music.

Tune into shows such as Cutting Chai, Divine, Jamming with Aakash, Tell it to Preksha, The Big Story, The Views Hour, Kitaab Ghar, and Namaskar India  at  NWR Live.

The website lists the schedule for the shows for that particular day.


Tune in today !! 🙂  Enjoy.

Facebook Page: NWRLive


How NWRLive (Web Radio) differs from FM Radio and Mobile Radio 

The differences between FM Radio, Mobile Radio and Online Radio are in terms of the reach (within India), quality of connectivity and  cost of access.

FM Radio is the cheapest but requires radio receivers – it works with mobile phone, most cars have audio systems and receivers. However, it there are restrictions, in terms of licenses being given only to operate in cities, and hence the cost of licenses is a concern.

Mobile Radio requires telecom connectivity, each minute costs the user money, and while it isn’t limited by geographical boundaries, connectivity can be an issue.

Online radio has no such restrictions, but is limited to availability of data connectivity, and data subscribers. It’s a small market, but it is growing.

However, the most important distinction is in terms of content: NWR can do news while regular FM channels cannot. Niti Digital Central is a news site, and with shows on news and analysis, it can provide an alternative to All India Radio news, in conjunction with its website.

In a similar manner Mobile Radio avoids doing news. Telecom operators typically do voice blogs (although we’re not sure if anyone listens to them), and although it in not very clear how it is governed by policy, Mobile Radio acts as if it is governed by the same constraints as FM Radio.


Courtesy : Medianama

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