What is eduroam ?


 Launching eduroam services in India by ERNET India

“One World one connectivity”

New Delhi,
September ’05, 2013

 Eduroam, education roaming  is a worldwide federation of RADIUS servers spanning  60+nations and territories and facilitates network access for roaming academic affiliates using IEEE 802.1x as the vehicle.

Eduroam is operated by the National Research and Education Network, NREN,  and  glued together by TERENA – The Trans-European Research and Education Networking.

  images (5)

National Knowledge Network, NKN,  plays a major role in bringing high speed connectivity to the education and research institutions where Eduroam supplements it by distributing and making this high speed connectivity available anywhere and every where to eduroam enabled institutional faculties.

eduroam offers  hassle free Wi-Fi access for institutional faculties, be it to students, researchers or staff when they are on the go, allowing participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their wifi devices and getting authenticated via their National Research & Education Network (NREN), in this case ERNET India.

Eduroam, a consortium that began in Europe in 2003, has spread to 60+ countries. Europe has more than 90% institutions on eduroam, US has about 30%, Australia and many countries in Asia have an average of 40-50% coverage. India would be able to exploit the borderless cyberspace of internet for its unbridled growth and development.

Eduroam promises to expand the reach of the internet and ease of accessibility, thus contributing to the propagation of Internet with fusion of human brain and technical advancements.

27 years old and still younger and smarter! ERNET  India, Education and Research Network, enabler for Academic & Research Institutions, has been delegated to host and manage the eduroam services in India as part of the Global Consortium.  images

You cant do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow,  which is evident in motivation for technological alterations lead by ERNET India that playing a pivotal role in expanding “Internet”,  the borderless cyberspace,  a tool that has all the ingredients to bind the globe into a  well connected and a close-knit family.

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