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Science & Research Articles Wireless Charging: Wireless Power Consortium This article elucidates how electronics devices (like mobile phones) can be  ‘wirelessly’ charged. This article also enlightens ‘Wireless Power Consortium’  that aims at new industry standard for low-power ‘inductive charging’ called ‘Qi‘ (pronounced chee).  Global 450 Consortium (G450C) Program  This article elaborates about G450C Program that aims to support … Continue reading

My Life As A Tinkerer

  Technical Articles The Spiritual Rebirth Of The Flip-Flop!!   Learn Flip -Flop Conversion via this article.  Top Embedded Companies This article enlists top 30 embedded companies (in India  and all over the World).  EFY Plus DVD     Take Feature Tour of  EDA and engineering tools via monthly issue of EFY DVD.  How To Control A Mouse Via TV Remote ?? … Continue reading

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 Are women better managers ??  This is a debate. “A group of donkeys led by a lion can defeat a group of lions led by a donkey.” I, myself being a woman, believe that men are better managers!! Pole Dance  This article focuses on “uneducated literates” who travel in public transports.  Animal Rights  This article protests the experiments done … Continue reading